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About us

     Wuxi city longhai jie machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located the Yangtze river delta center city of beautiful taihu lake——Wuxi city mountain area vocational education park,Close to312National highway、Shanghai-nanjing expressway、The new long railway and xiyi highway,The traffic is very convenient。The company was founded in2004Years11Month,At present, the company covers an area of6000Square meters,The construction area5000Square meters of factory building and comprehensive office building。The company is committed to all kinds of metal stamping parts(Auto parts、Scaffolding accessories、Motor shell、Wiring wire frame、Hinge...

Contact us

  • Address:Wuxi Qian Qiao heng industrial zone10NumberA5
  • The phone:0510-83217586
  • The phone:0510-83275188
  • Url:www.anaiying.cn

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