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About to cosette

Yellowstone saite friction material co., LTD., founded in1996Years,Located in huangshi mining and metallurgy in China ancient capitals in China,Formerly by lorenz Danish company、British Lucas、Yellowstone and the friction material co., LTD. Jointly establish lorenz Lucas Yellowstone friction material co., LTD,Professional committed to the friction material and friction material products research and development、Production and sales,Specifications of products1000More than。

The development course

Saite company pursues“Zero defect quality,No complaints”The perfect quality of ideas,In1999Years by the FrenchBVQIInternational quality certification companyIs09001Quality system certification,In2007Years passed in Singapore TÜV-PSB The companyISO/TS 16949Quality system certification,Then in2009Years passed the link of the United States(LINK)、Green(GREEN)The authoritative testing institutions, such as testing,And wonFMVSS121DCertification andE-MarkCertification。

Saite company is China's earliest production environment-friendly commercial vehicles without asbestos brake lining of one of the two companies,Cover an area of an area50000Square meters,Standard workshop and modern office space30000Square meters,Advanced facilities complete,Can produce all kinds of automotive drum brakes、Disc brake pads、Shoe type brake pads、The brake assembly and etc1000More than ten thousand pieces,Can produce all kinds of mechanical braking friction plate、Electrical and mechanical friction plate、Wind yaw friction plate etc200More than ten thousand pieces。

Enterprise live

Saite company in order to promote national progress and development of the industry as a friction material responsibility,Actively participate in market competition,Enjoy high reputation at home and abroad,Products not only to German seif、Faw、No.2、The northern Benz、Inner Mongolia north heavy-duty truck co., LTD(Terex KuangYongChe)、Cimc group、The yongli ty、Ho together to form a complete set of well-known enterprises such as original,Back to nanjing bus、Beijing transit bus system etc,And sell well in Europe and the United States、Russia、South Korea、South Asia、In the Middle East and southeast Asia and other countries and regions。

The enterprise culture

  • Yellowstone saite to go throughEMarkRepeat audit

    2019Years3Month15Day,Our company ushered in the annualEMarkRepeat audit certification factory trial,After the expert teacher strict audit throughout the day,We finally smoothly passed the factory audit the conformity of production,And get the new certificate。CQC(China quality certification center)CRB assessment teams of experts said the teacher,After days of audit,Saite company production process and system running effectively,In accordance with EuropeECER90Laws and regulations on product consistency control requirements,They will continue toRDW(The Dutch transport)Recommend to register,Issued by the newE4Product conformity declaration and certificate。  E-markCertification is

  • The Chinese association of friction sealing materials held in yellow  Our company have the honor to attend this meeting

    In the sun,The Chinese association of friction sealing materials the 7th council four and two session of an expert committee meeting in7Month4In mines in China are Yellowstone goes well。   Meeting the main study of the party and the state of pollution prevention and control file and spiritual battle,To hear about the intelligent manufacturing the leadership of the ministry of policy interpretation and about friction sealing materials in raw material quality control report,At the same time, the meeting also heard the environmental experts about the discharge of pollutants by friction sealing materials industry policies and requirements,And actively discuss changes《Friction material industry2017-2020Energy conservation and emissions reduction in marking the work plan and implementation plan》,At last

  • The stand or fall of braking performance is determined by what?

    Good or bad depends on two important parts of the brake performance:One is the brake valve,The other one is the brake pads。   The stand or fall of brake pad material depends on the braking performance and stability,Some friends new car trailer braking performance is very good to replace the rear brake pads reduced immediately(Said the original bridge assembling bridge)It is this factor,The most critical coefficient of friction and heat recession,Average friction coefficient of the brake pad itself can not meet the braking requirements so the brake performance is not ideal,If special sections or driving plateau mountainous area frequently brake temperature will rise180℃-220℃To reduce friction coefficient so critical temperature of thermal recession

  • The braking effect is not significant?Brake pads can use how long?The problem here!

    Many trailer driver in the face of brakes,To check the brake pads,It is beyond doubt,But many people may ask if change brake pads brakes is the reason why it didn't take long?The second is the brake effect is not significant?Here are a few ways:  1.If the brake fluid within the effective range。A lot of illustrations of the trailer,Require to replace the brake fluid on a regular basis。Manufacturer of this requirement conservative,But the purpose is to the safety of the owners。Because the brake fluid using in the long run,How many there will be a performance decline,To reduce the braking effect。There is one of the most main reason,If the brake fluid in the air,Namely