East of the world the rain rainbow

Building nationally, Growing globally

The east rain rainbow was established1995Years,More than 20 years,A few tens of thousands of major infrastructure construction、Industrial buildings and civil、Provides the high quality commercial buildings、Complete system solutions。

The company pursues high quality steady development,With the main waterproof business as the core and related industrial chain upstream and downstream,Business involved in building waterproof、Energy saving heat preservation、Civilian building materials、Nonwoven fabric、Architectural coatings、Building repairs、Special mortar etc。

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To innovation as the sword,Company emphasis on system innovation,Dedicated to provide customers with safe and reliable system solutions。

National torch plan key high-tech enterprise
National technology innovation demonstration enterprises
Enterprise technology center
Academician experts workstation
Post-doctoral scientific research workstation
Special function of state key laboratory of waterproof materials

Layout of the country,A quick response

Layout of the country28The home production research and development of logistics base

The implementation300Km radiation radius,24Mission will be up to an hour

The company has80More than the international advanced production line,Each production line capacity in design:Waterproof coiled material about 8 Million square meters,Nearly ten thousand tons of waterproof coating,Mortar 300 More than ten thousand tons,Thermal insulation material 400 More than cubic meters,Nonwoven fabric 15 Ten thousand tons。

(Note:Contains design, which have not been put into production capacity)

28The home production research and development of logistics base

Social acceptance

Social recognition

Classic works
Strategic partner
Recognition of honor

Asian brands500To be strong

The demonstration base of national culture

The national quality standard

The 17th session of the national quality prize

National product and service quality good faith demonstration enterprise

2016A copy of the hidden champions made in China

The 7th council President of China building waterproof association unit