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     F terence walter lifting net belongs to the jining KaiMa engineering machinery co., LTD,Jining city in shandong province is located in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of culture,Over the years has been in line with the quality is reliable、The customer is supreme management idea,Products are exported to the country20Several provinces and cities autonomous region,The New Year we adopt new factory direct sales business model,Benefits to every new and old customers,Rigorous、Upward、Is each person's work attitude seriously,Each piece for each parts our products through strict inspection,Strive to achieve customer products have no quality problem!Treat customers like family is every employee's hospitality,Let the customer feel we hoisting machinery enterprise culture,In the New Year we will continue to forge ahead、Scaling new heights,Constantly updated equipment manufacture technology,To achieve the industry forefront,Chose us is to choose a good service、Good technology,Please believe that we will do better in the future!

      The company USES the new factory direct sales model,Do not set agent in the middle、The dealer of the intermediate links,Products directly from the manufacturer directly connected to the consumer,Benefits to every consumer,Let every car reach consumers' hands really low prices,Companies welcome every person with lofty ideals to business negotiations!

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