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        Anqiu city, the ozone equipment co., LTD adopts advanced technology at home and abroad,Is focused on large ozone generator equipment research and development、Manufacturing、Sales for the integration of joint-stock enterprises。, the company set up many departments、Multiple disciplines,Professional r&d team,From the materials science、Device technology、Instrument technique、Application software, etc,Efforts to provide customers with professional ozone equipment overall solution。Company research and development、Created dozens of exclusive technology,With ozone equipment technology independent research and development ability。        The company always adhere to the concentration、Professional ozone equipment,Adhere to science and technology as the guide,Committed to investment environment more beautiful、More human health career,Put the company into a profound、Employees、The excellent company public trust。The company insists on“Focusing on the professional market segment”The development of the strategy,Products and solutions have been used in dozens of countries and regions around the globe,Widely distributed application industry,Han...

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The application of ozone in fruit and vegetable fresh--The garlic moss fresh-keeping

Vegetables and fruits fresh-keeping is event of the national economy and people's livelihood,Is a huge system engineering,Fresh-keeping key is according to the physiological characteristics of different varieties,Control the temperature、Humidity and gas composition,In order to reducing the speed of mature,Prevent physiological aging;On the other hand,Also want to prevent mildew rot。In the refrigerator storage under the condition of the harm of mildew rot。It is a resistance to garlic moss...

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Marketing center:Anqiu city in shandong financial center1716Number Manufacturing base:Anqiu city in shandong province development zone DongShou shuangfeng avenue
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